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Video is an important and necessary means to increase your company's profits and acquire good prospects. BLM Productions can handle that need.

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   Commercial Services Available

Videos offer a new dimention in advertising and  promotions.  BLM Productions creates videos to promote your business and the services you provide.  A DVD can be presented or mailed to prospective clients or shareholders.  A digital video can record a special event, a training session, or a how-to class for instruction.  These are just some of the many things video can be used for.

Bert Morgan of BLM Productions, a professional videographer and documentary filmmaker with over 30 years of video & television experience, can capture  the promotion, the use of a product, or training session with video.  He understands how important this video can be to your business.

With strict attention to detail, BLM Productions services include:

*  Coordinating the entire process of the production from scripting, selection of the recording location, and arranging all technical needs.

*  The final editing of the video master, and assistance in arranging for duplication of the completed DVD project.

BLM Productions not only provides the needed technical requirements to create your commercial project, but can coordinate efforts needed to utilize your company's staff to ultimately save your company money in the production process. How do we do that, we get the staff at your company to assist us in creating the project, saving you in extra production costs. To find out how that can be done, contact me at the number shown in the site and I'll be glad to explain how it works.