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"On a warm July day in 1861, two great armies of a divided nation clashed for the first time on the fields overlooking Bull Run. Their ranks were filled with enthusiastic young volunteers in colorful new uniforms, gathered together from every part of the country. Confident that their foes would run at the first shot, the raw recruits were thankful that they would not miss the only battle of what would surely be a short war. But any thought of colorful pageantry was suddenly lost in the smoke, din, dirt, and death of the battle. Soldiers on both sides were stunned by the violence and destruction they encountered. At day's end, nearly 900 young men lay lifeless on the fields of Matthews Hill, Henry Hill, and Chinn Ridge. Ten hours of heavy fighting swept away any notion the war's outcome would be decided quickly." 

This documentary was created by BLM Productions at the Bull Run Battlefield and will include all the sounds and action of the Civil War as well as extensive commentary by James Perry, NPS, National Battlefield Park at Bull Run. All the action and drama of this production was performed entirely by Civil War reenacts.

Bert Morgan, BLM Productions, created The Battle of First Manassas and what you see above is part of the narrative from the documentary.  He has created 7 different documentaries, 4 from the civil war history series and three others from local interest.  Below are several film trailers from those documentaries.

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