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Digital Media Story Telling

Stories like to be seen and heard.  Stories like to be told.  Stories love to find an audience.  BLM Productions loves to be the one shaping and pushing ideas that make up stories - visual ones.  From inception to premier, BLM Productions goes all in to create, direct, cut, and produce exceptional media.

Talent, skill, and creative vision are just some of what BLM Productions brings to the table.  Whether you're looking to shoot a commercial, put together a film, a live show, or need content for a multifaceted media campaign , you've found the right production team.

*  Film Branded Media
*  Digital Media
*  Television Production
*  Real Estate Promotion
*  Live Events Production
*  Corporate Video
*  Documentary Production
*  Sporting Event Video
*  Script Writing
*  Training Video Production
*  Day in the Life Video
*  Conference Productions
*  Product Promotion Video
*  Video Production Editing
*  Medical/Surgery Video
Video Production Services in Fairfax, VA, That Capture Your Story
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