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Your love can be everlasting
BLM Productions can give you a keepsake like no other. A life long video of the happiest day in your life can be a reality.
BLM Productions is a 2017 Silver Telly Award Recipient.
BLM Productions is also offering our guests to this site, 2 free pamphlets titled 'Traits of Healthy and Happy Couples" and "Laws of Couple Relations."  Please make your free request to and I will send you the information you request.  

Wedding Video Productions

Bert Morgan, owner of BLM Productions, has been providing life long keepsakes of the happiest day of a couples life, a video production of their wedding day, since 1996. This is a gift that you can watch and remember for a life time.  Sit by the fire together with a glass of wine on your wedding anniversary and remember that commitment of love you both shared. 

After all the arrangements are made for your wedding and reception, the next thing to consider is the rehearsal.  BLM Productions will attend the rehearsal, at no charge, to visit the venue and set up with the church the projected way to record the wedding.  It also gives us a chance to meet the clergy and discuss the restrictions and select the placement of the camera locations.  You would be surprised how many churches have restrictions for the videographer and photographer.  This meeting at the rehearsal makes it possible to go over all the things that could occur. The rehearsal is the best time to handle those questions and not confuse you with things like that on the day in question.  You and your party have better things to deal with rather than problems with the venue.   


The basic cost of the wedding and reception is $1795.00  That covers two cameras, one manned and one stationary.  Two operated camera operators is an option.  This cost will cover a period of 8 hours from the time setup begins, 1 and 1/2 hours before the wedding begins, and the end of the night.  Anything over 8 hours will be on OT and can be negotiated. 

Special Condensed Version Wedding Video Program

Bert Morgan, your wedding videographer, realizes that a full price for a wedding video production may be too expensive and the question comes up, “we need to have our wedding photographed and we can’t afford both, the wedding video and the wedding photos.”  BLM Productions knows this to be true.  The clients have to make a choice, the wedding video or photos.  Below is a video of a wedding video production that contains the opening with credits, the get ready of the wedding party, the procession of the wedding party, the wedding vows, the kiss, the recession of the wedding party, a short video of the cocktail party, the announcement of the bride and groom, special dances, the toast, dancing, interviews, and other items the bride and groom require, the final exit of the bride and groom and finally, the recap of the special event.  That condensed wedding video covers the highlights and the main parts of the event and will cost the bride and groom 1/2 the price above, $895.00.  In 2018, all contracts for wedding videos and other commercial programs will receive a 20% discount bringing your total cost of only $7i5.00.  For more information contact us at BLM Productions at the number posted. 

Final Package to You

The venue footage and graphics, the recorded wedding, the get ready, seating of guests and reception in full.  The final recorded master will be presented to you in theater style cases (two copies) with graphics, etc.  Additional copies can be ordered before or after the delivery of the final program.  Copies are $15.00 each with packaging the same as yours.  Your finished master will be saved for up to one year.