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BLM Productions is proud to report the results of the Telly Awards for 2017. "Spotlight on Mental Health" won the   Silver Telly Award.  

Security Awareness Specialist and Trainer


Retail, Security Operations and Corporate Training

Bert Morgan, Owner of BLM Productions has been a videographer for many years.  He also has a law enforcement background as well.  In addition to that, he worked for the Taubman Co. in Detroit Michigan and was a Training Coordinator and Crime Prevention Network Manager for a wide range of retail companies doing business in major shopping centers in the Northern Virginia and Maryland areas. He designed a crime prevention network for retail stores there in small and major stores for investigated purposes. Bert also worked closely with local law enforcement.  He also won the annual nationwide top Achievement Award for the Security Awareness Program for the Taubman Company.

Bert Morgan was also responsible for many crime prevention video programs for retail and security training that were used at centers for The Taubman Company.  Bert is proud to announce a new service now available at BLM Productions. Our security awareness specialist video production services offer security training for retail and security companies doing business in the United States.  This training is available for retailers and security companies for classes in crime prevention.  This training is designed to properly train employees both new and seasoned in crime prevention techniques to prepare them for a safe work environment. 

Contact BLM Productions in Fairfax, VA, to set up a comprehensive training program and a video program to give your company assurance that safety and civil liability is addressed.  As history in the retail business shows, this training provided on an ongoing basis may lessen the companies liability and in turn, save on liability insurance.  
Expert Security Awareness Specialist Video Services in Fairfax, VA