Northern Virginia
Patient Advocate
Bert Morgan
4103 Port Rae Lane
Fairfax, VA 22033

Your Advocate's Story

Bert Morgan was first introduced to the field of medicine in the military in 1963.  His US Army  duty station was in Heidelberg, Germany, and there, he worked as a Trauma Technician, with duties to include, post surgery recovery, major burn cases, orthopedic patients, criminal assault victims,etc.  In many cases he was assigned as a physician assistant in several capacities which included autopsies.  After military discharge, Bert Morgan continued his medical interest as an oxygen therapist at Grossmont Hospital, San Diego, Calif.  In 1974 he became a police officer in Florida and continued later in the US Federal Law Enforcement field.  While there, he was able to adapt his experience in the medical field dealing with several emergencies while on duty.  After retirement as a police officer, Bert took a job with the Taubman Co. He was assigned as a Medical Trainer and, as a CPR/AED and First Aid Trainer. For many years he was required to care for his wife as a care giver. He was also an active advocate for his wife until her passing. Bert decided that patient advocacy was the right direction to take. It was decided by him to pursue advocacy to assist the elderly and disabled individuals.

Managing the healthcare maze alone is frightening and difficult.  An independent advocate works for you and makes sure you know all your options. 
I help you help yourself.