BLM Productions
If you, or your company, are looking for a video production company, then BLM Productions should be your choice.  BLM Productions will meet or exceed your demands  for a quality, professional  product.

  About Us

   BLM Productions has been doing videography services in the Washington Metropolitan area since 1990. Bert Morgan, Owner/Producer, has many years of experience in the television and video field since 1967. Bert Morgan was with KCST 39 TV, in San Diego, California, and has worked with: Dick Clark in the creation of the pilot for The Dick Clark Rock Documentary Series; Dick Smothers' weekly program, Racing World; several children's programs, such as Bozo the Clown, a live daily program at KCST 39 TV; and, was producer/director of Mr. 39's Talent Time, hosted by Jim Hill, with the San Diego Chargers. Bert Morgan also produced: The First Hundred Years, a documentary for the Smithsonian Institute; Civil War documentaries, The Battle of Cedar Creek and The Battle of First Manassas, The Battle of Chantilly, (Ox Hill) , and Spies In Crinoline are all sold on the web site.





    Field Production  -  $995.00 per day (8 Hrs.)  per person (will negotiate as needed)  


    Field Production Hourly Rate  -  $100 per hour (minimum 4 hrs.) Hourly rates 

    begin during set-up, usually 1 1/2 hours before

    Pre-production Meetings - $50 per hour

    Script Writing  -  $100 per hour

    Post Production -  (editing) $100 per hour

    DVD Mastering  -  Prices will depend on client's needs


    Special DVD Packaging - To be included in post production rates

All rates are adjustable depending on the complexity of the project and clients individual needs.

Some of BLM Productions' video production clients include: Service Source, Alexandria, Virginia; CRDS, Capital Heights, MD; HMS Productions, Alexandria, Virginia; Siemens, Reston, Virginia, Coreography, Campbell, CA; Wills Communication for IHOP; George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, Cornell University, NY; Cox Cable, San Diego, California; The Taubman Company,

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; University of Tennessee, Knoxville,TN; H&H Paving, Fairfax, Virginia; The County of Fairfax, Fairfax, Virginia; H&H Motor Sports, Fairfax, Virginia; The Oasis Winery, Hume, Virginia, Saint Gabriels Church, Leesburg, VA, MGA Productions, Burke, VA, Viscom Studios, Elkton, VA, Right at Home, Fairfax, VA, CRT, Tanaka, Norfolk, VA.

At BLM Productions, we believe that, due to the fact that Bert Morgan, Owner of BLM Productions, has the professional experience needed to be able to plan and  successfully complete a project exactly as the client ordered and, has the ability to join with his clients to involve them in their project.  This involvement with the client usually has a result of a better final version of the project than expected and, a final projected budget  is within the client's original plans.  Bert Morgan strives to have that same result for all clients.